Privacy Policy for Stardom Jackets

At Stardom Jackets, we ensure our visitors and clients a great place to shop with immaculate privacy. We always thrive to give them a place, where they can shop freely without having any fear or concern about their privacy. Our great privacy policies take care of your data and information. 

To get your all queries and questions answered, you can read our specific pages for each policy. If you have got a question about the shipping and delivery process, return and refund process, billing terms, and conditions, or privacy policy, you can go through the pages and read them out. 

As we have promised to protect your information and data here, so we decided to give you all the answers to your concerns about your privacy on this page. So let’s read it out here. And further, if you have got any unanswered queries then reach out to our team through [email protected]

What information do we collect from you? 

Once you decide to shop any of your favorite attire from the Stardom Jackets, you need to provide us with some of your basic and personal information. Based on your personal data we make the delivery possible. The information that we need to have about you includes your Name, Phone Number, E-mail address, and Postal address. It is the basic information that we collect and utilize for the delivery process. 

Where do we utilize which information? 

The information that we take from you such as your Name, Phone Number, E-mail address and Postal address is extremely useful. They all are used to deliver your product to your doorstep. And to verify that the parcel you have ordered, has reached you successfully. Your name, postal address and phone number are used for shipping. While on the other hand, your debit card and credit card information are used for the transaction here. However, one thing while sharing this personal information you should keep in mind is that your information is highly secured and safe with us. We just keep it to ourselves and do not share it, lease it, or rent it to third parties. 

Do we keep this information?

As we have briefed that your privacy is the priority here at the Stardom Jackets. That is why we never keep your data or personal information to ourselves. We just use them to ship your product, and after the successful delivery, we discard the information. Be it your credit and debit card details or your postal address. We just keep your name and E-mail address on our record, so that we can keep you updated with our new and exciting offers, and you can shop again and get facilitated with our amazing products and offers. 

How do we keep your data private? 

As fast as the IT industry is growing, it is providing mind-blowing facilitations and innovations. Now with the deployment of great methodologies, you can keep your data encrypted. And that is why to provide you with great security here, we have implemented the secure server layer (SSL) security to our servers that keep your data protected in the encrypted form. So that no one can have access to that information. All your essential data like your credit and debit card details and PayPal details, get transferred from these security layers on the server and become unapproachable to everyone. 

So when it comes to shop from the Stardom Jackets website, take action at the moment and shop for your favorite and trendy attires right away without being concerned for your privacy. Because our team of experts and strict rules of privacy policy are here for you. To keep your data safe and to provide you with an immaculate shopping experience. 

Do you need to provide this information even if you are just roaming around the site? 

Well, no you do not need to sign up, log in, or give us any personal information when you are just having a look at the site. However, when you pick an outfit and want to buy it now, then you have to take this step. Create your account, fill out the information, then fill out your cart and proceed further to make the order successful at the website. In case you do not sign up or create your account, you will not be able to place the order. So keep this highlighted point in mind, create your account first, and then be freely able to shop from the Stardom Jackets. 

Do we collect cookies? Do we use them?

Your incredible experience at the Stardom Jackets website is what we thrive for. And to make it your favorite place to shop from, we are working day and night. And that is why we collect cookies on the website to make your visit and experience more wonderful here. We definitely use the power of technology here and so we use the cookies. We collect them and utilize them to take you to the products that hold your interest. 

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are the tiny data files that we collect here and they help us retain the record of your activity at the website. Further, with the help of the cookies, because we remember you, we take you towards the products instantly that keep your interest. This whole process makes your visit to the Stardom Jackets website even better and incredible every single time.

Can we make changes to the policy of the website? 

With time the demand for privacy and requirement evolves. It requires betterment every now and then. That is why to provide you with great services, we upgrade our policies too. But at this point in time, you need to know that this action can only be taken by us. Only the team on the website owns the authority to add or update the policies. Other than us, no third party or specific person can either change or update anything in our policies. We further want all our customers to keep their selves updated with our policies and terms and conditions.

The secure transaction:

We at Stardom Jackets make sure that we provide you with high-end security on every point here. That is why, when it comes to the transaction of money, we make sure that your pins and personal data remain encrypted. And no one can have access to that. We keep the data secure, and never lease it, rent it, sell it, or give it to any other third party. What we share is only your phone number, postal address, and name to the courier service company. So that they can reach you to deliver your ordered shipment. 

Still, counts queries in your? 

It was all from our side. We have tried our best to pick your frequently asked questions here and to answer them briefly. But if you still hold any questions regarding the policy then you can feel free to get in touch with our team. You can let them know your query through E-mail at [email protected]