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How Can You Pay?

We accept Debit/Credit cards issued by Visa and Mastercards. We also accepts some digital wallets. Our SSL Certificate is utilized to create a safe platform to ensure your optimum security of payment for our clients. When the order has been placed online, you will have to provide the card number and leave everything else on the SSL layer page. Since we do not accept check or cash, the only form of payment is a credit card/ debit card.

Price Tag and Values:

The items on the Site are subject to changes in prices and availability without any prior notice to the customers. Stardom Jackets also holds the right to reject any coupon as well as to end any promotion at any given time. When identified, mistakes will be rectified. Our website contains many items, and it is always possible that some of the products featured on our site may not be adequately priced despite our best efforts.

Free Shipping Worldwide:

Since you the buyer is the leading choice, therefore, we guarantee global free shipment. Multiple websites sell goods with delivery expenses. However, we go a step forward and provide free delivery. No matter what size or specifications you choose, we do not differentiate between them.

Order’s Acceptance and Rejection:

Stardom Jackets may reject or approve your order in a given scenario. Upon ordering, if there is any problem or inconvenience, then you can contact us for a prompt response within 12-24 hours.



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